We are delighted to invite you to a session of audio – visual meditation at The Bengal Theosophical Society on March 25, 2018 from 5:30 pm onwards.

Presentation of the workshop

This workshop is a guided meditation based on a synesthesic experience.

The purpose of this workshop is to meditate on something artistic but strongly inspired by tantra. The meditation is focused on our 7 chakras.

Video projection highlights each chakra by images projected on a screen evoking the symbolism of the chakras (color, element, symbol…). In thesame time, each chakra is associated with a note, a sound, and binaural music is the support of sound meditation. The association of images and sounds allows the audience to enter in a deep concentration and can help people to feel their own body, their own energy, and exploring their own feeling. This workshop is designed to be experience in a group meditation.

Th power of meditation is amplified by the group which share the same energy at the same moment. This audiovisual meditation is an heterodoxal meditation and it is also the work of two artists. It is our attempt to incorporate our arts into the realm of meditation.

Also read : http://being-gathering.org/being2017/being-experience/meditation/paul-zoe/


Paul and Zoé Brook are the founder of an artistic collective AWW ! A
Wonderful World ! The aim of this collective is to develop introspection through arts. Paul Brook is a musician experimenting free improvisation in different style of music (mainly psychedelic), he focus on the energy of the moment to create. Zoé Brook is a video performer. In her live performances, she follows the path of her life, her many travels to India, her quest about understanding herself. Images are an invitation to think about human condition and an exploration of a digital pictorial universe.

Since a decade, both spend 3/4 months a year in India. Yoga and meditation became their daily practice and they got inspired by these practices to develop their inner self by an authentic art expression.

This program is supported by Iris Home Fragrances and Converge Mobile Store


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