A artistic collaboration : performance by Young Monks with a video art projection by Yourban 2030.

Young Monks us the children wing of Culture Monks.

About the performance :

By the children exploring the times we are in. A tribute to the working class, to revolutions to come , a tribute to artists who gave voice to those an anonymous mass which produces and consumes.


1. Ura Kumar

2. Shaivi Kumar

3. Vrinda Gupta

4. Raya

5. Avery Guha Thakurta

6. Sachdeep Dawn

7. Indraneel Roy

8. Srijato Dutta

Directed by Pradip Chatterjee (Bulada & Sudipto)

Script by Sudipto .

About the video art projection:


The public art video projection is by “yourban2030” https://yourban2030.org/ . This projection marks the launch of their new project which is a book/magazine named “IRÆ”. IRÆ is an original editorial series for a new way of making a community around sustainability, with different protagonists every time – poets, scientists, visionaries, photographers, illustrators, thinkers – and able to offer approaches and contents of the various matrix to fathom the contemporary, and answer a question about everyone “is this the end?”.

IRÆ, in fact, comes from “dies irae”: that day of judgment, that end on which so much is being reflected, which involves man, nature, and the ecosystem that has been put at risk for some time and systematically.


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