Purusha in a Tutu

The state of widows in various parts of Indian society, is a heart wrenching tale of despair and (non) living.

Diniz Sanchez along with Culture Monks invites you to an evening at the Earthcare Book Store for a dialogue through performance on the state of widows in India, on June 2nd from 6 pm. Accompanying Diniz will be Pradip Chattopadhyay. There will also be readings by Janardan Ghosh of texts and verses. Click here for more on Diniz.

Diniz is exploring issues of society, gender, sexuality and politics, through performances. He is a contemporary dancer and a dance theatre artist, Portuguese by nationality. He has been engaged in a dialogue with India since the past 3 years, in course of his frequent visits and stay here . He has used his performances to highlight the plight of  marginalized segments within the society & confront the social structure and the normative practices which perpetrates the imbalance. His acts, needless to say they’ve been controversial which have extended the boundaries of critical discourse.

Culture Monks, continues its journey of trying to forge a dialogue between the fringes with the overwhelming mainstream or normative, addressing issues of sustainability, society, gender, ecology & the role of performance and art itself.

We hope you will grace the occasion and participate in the dialogue through sharing & in continuing the discourse beyond the premises of the performance.

_DSC0048Date : June 2nd, 2016

Time : 5  pm onwards ( performance starts at 6 pm).

Venue : Earthcare Book Store. 10, Middleton St, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700071. Click here for directions.

Call +91 8697919308

Synopsis of the performance 


“Red water” is the first work-in-progress excerpt of “PURUSHA IN A TUTU or deconstructing Vidushaka”’s project. It has been developed during a period of almost 3 weeks’ residency in Panjim, Goa, in the Gallery of Fundaçao Oriente – India.

Widows in India: they are stigmatized as women who have failed to safeguard their husband’s life.

The vermillion put on the head of a married woman contains substances that are supposed to be aphrodisiacs, so that she will be always ready to sexual intercourse with her husband.

The color red. Widows are forbidden to wear red – considered to be an exciting and sensuous color.
They should not eat sweets or meat, or any excitants that could awaken their sexual urges.

In the West black is the color of mourning and traditionally widows should wear black from the day of their husband’s death till the last day of their lives.

This piece was supported by Fundaçao Oriente – India.

We are also grateful to Littlei & Earthcare Bookstore for their support.


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