Welcome to the 2nd Edition of ¨An Evening of Stories 2017¨ !!

The first edition was held in 2016 at Alliance francaise du Bengale, Park Street, Kolkata.

For more on the 2016 edition please click here : http://bit.ly/2uxpGLK

Hey !!

Aren’t we glad to invite you to  ‘An Evening of Stories’.

Its but an ordinary evening, like evenings are, as the sun sulks away  and the world slips into darkness and the the home becomes, once more a nest.  The world is little more unfettered, bathed in myriad strings of lights. Cafe lit up with laughter, bars drowned in a cacophony, lovers meet, children run down alleys, shops bustles with desire, the beggar lays down his plate, the singer tests the microphone, the drummer his pedals, the stray dog wanders…

The soul is a wanderer for stories though, and this evening, an ordinary evening is but ‘An Evening of Stories’ –  stories from hidden places and times which have eluded us or which beckons. Stories – myriad, eclectic, cooked up, lived & shared, for us.

For each evening is special & every life is an amazing story  !!

This yearś  ¨An Evening of Stories’ will be curated & shall have a competitive category. The showcase event will be held on September 13, 2017 . The venue is the Alliance francaise du Bengale, Park Street, Kolkata.

The themes could be eclectic and the unexpected. It would bring us closer to our shared heritage, adding nuances and facts which we did not know. It could be pure entertainment. It could be deeply personal or completely abstract.

The sessions will be judged by a jury comprising of artists, writers and storytellers.

Rules for Submission

Please send in synopsis of your submission to sudipta@culturemonks.in mentioning your name, phone no, email, duration,language, synopsis & brief detail of your previous storytelling experience ;

or fill the form below.

Auditions will be held in August for selecting the storytellers for the final act. We will inform the applicants about the audition sessions.

The last date of submission is August 15,  2017. There is no entry or participation fee.

  • The selection will exclude children storytelling.  (i.e. storytelling for the children)
  • The minimum age for participation in this event is 16 years.
  • Stories have to be a minimum 15 mins in duration and max 30 mins.
  • The storytelling could in group or solo.
  • One entry per group/individual.
  • Stories can include photo stories, travel stories, etc other than the usual oral storytelling. In that sense the photos, videos can be used as a prop for the storytelling.
  • Stories can be in any language including sign language.
  • The storytelling sessions will be documented audio – visually.
  • Certificates will be given out.

So please go on and send that email to make this yearś Evening of Stories truly special.

Án Evening of Stories´ is bought to you by Culture Monks & kathaḱoli storytelling club in association with Alliance francaise du Bengale. Supported by Iris Home Fragrance.

Many thanks to Ritayan Mukherjee of http://www.anobservantowl.in for the cover image.

Application form



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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.




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