jean jacques lemêtre : the musical soul of théâtre du soleil

Jean-Jacques Lemêtre has composed the music for all shows of the Théâtre du Soleil since 1979. He has performed with several French symphonic orchestras, engages - partly exclusively - in the music and the instruments of the Middle Ages (Orchestre Médiéval de Paris), works with Pierre Boulez in his Orchestre Inter contemporain. In between he …


Critical Analysis of Janardan Ghosh’s Theatrical adaptation of Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana by Dr. Payal Trivedi

Critical Analysis of Janardan Ghosh’s Theatrical adaptation of Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana by Dr. Payal Trivedi


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Janardan Ghosh’s Theatrical adaptation of Girish Karnad’s Hayavadana: A Transcendental Experience –

Dr. Payal Trivedi

Theatre director Janardan Ghosh (Kolkata) stands apart from his contemporaries on account of his philosophical approach to theatre which is unlike the commercial outlook of the urban Indian drama largely oriented towards making monetary profit. Ghosh’s statement, “Theatre I pine for (is)… A Transcendental leap into the unknown with the calmness of a Sannyasin”…(Ghosh interviewed 2010) is certainly a unique perspective which recalls for us the sacred tradition of art in India devoid of materialistic concerns espoused by the ancient Indian treatise the Natyasastra(200BCE – 200 CE). This is best reflected in his presentation of the renowned Indian playwright Girish Karnad’s play Hayavadana (Padatak Theatre Kolkata 2010) The production can undoubtedly be called ‘old’ considering the fact that it is almost been five years since its inception. Nevertheless, Ghosh’s illumination of the spiritual…

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Dialogue with Janardan Ghosh

Dr. Payal Trivedi in dialogue with Janardan Ghosh, on his experience of directing Hayavadana. Payal: Firstly please tel us something about the choice of doing Hayavadana for the contemporary audience. Janardan: Well…. it was Sri Shyamanand Jalan’s (the founder of Padatik) advice to do a Girish Karnad play. Girish was then in Kolkata attending a Badal Sircar Festival. …

Open call for “The Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival, 2016”

About Ghosts of Shakespeare Festival The Ghosts of Shakespeare festival is organized by The Arshinagar Project every year to commemorate the birth anniversary, and hence starts on April 23rd. The festival is held at multiple venue in Kolkata and its suburbs. This year we are going to take this festival to Bangalore & Delhi.   …

Theatre Adda – The Park Street Sessions

Alliance Francaise du Bengale, The Arshinagar Project and friends, are delighted to announce the start of 'Theatre Adda - The Park Street Sessions', from October 9th, 2015. Theatre Adda, will feature sessions of theatrical performances, discussions, lectures and activities related to theatre. The content will multilingual and from various styles and genres. The sessions are …