April was hectic as you know, with the Momentum Experimental Arts Festival and the ACT India workshop in Bangalore & Katha’koli : new age story telling workshop in Kolkata.

Also there were a couple of  other very interesting things which we did.

Fringe (1)

One of was the the launch of what we call ‘The Fringe Evening’. This basic spread for the evenings are a cocktail of intimate theatre, dance performance, poetry, performance art and music. Its a place to unwind, network and recreate. The space is open to artists and showcase their work, something of experimental nature, in a totally unfettered manner. So bring your friends along for the next one. This will be fun !!

Those who were present were served a nostalgic brew of unpublished songs of Mohiner Ghoraguli, a memory which i’m sure will not be easily erased.

HorseThe of course was our latest story telling performance called ‘Horse tale’. This one was special, due to the truly brilliant performances by the cast Diniz Sanchez, Janardan Ghosh & Pradip Chattopadhay. The music and video was by Varun Desai, the creative genius behind the graphics which you also see. It was a delightful way of looking at the Horse as a performance theme. A blend of non linear story telling, dance performance and the magical flute of Pradip, melted with the sparse electronic dispensation & video art designs by Varun, to create a heady experience. The theme was the mythological character ‘Haigriva’, an avatar of Vishnu,a man with a horse’ head.

Thanks to these wonderful artists and the beautiful audience for a lovely evening.

There is more coming up, so do check in once in a while on this website or our facebook page for updates.

An Evening of Stories (2)This May  20th, drop by at the Theatre Adda : The Park Street Sessions,  at the Alliance Francaise du Bengale Park Street at 7pm , for ‘An Evening of Stories’, followed by a folk rock jam.

If you’ve stories to tell or music to share, you’re most welcome to do so. Drop me a line at sudipta@thearhsinagarproject.in, or simply call me at 8697919308, & we’ll love to have you over.

You can tell any stories in any language you wish – so don’t hesitate and share.

Katha'koliIn June take some time off on the first weekend (4& 5) to join our story telling workshop, because life, is an amazing story, share it .

Registrations are on and call me @ 8697919308 or email sudipta@thearshinagarproject.in.

There are some early bird discounts in the offing, for those those who call early !! So its time to unleash the story teller in you.

There’s more coming up we promise we’ll spill the beans soon. For now, good bye and stay cool !! Ciao



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