transArt is back again. This time on a river cruise on the Hoogly.

Delighted to announce the next edition of transArt – called ”The River’ on the Hoogly river cruise on Jan 21, 2018,

If you are a performance artists, musician or a poet or or would like to do an installation for the evening, we would like to hear from you. Please do write to me at .

If you would like to book your ticket please note that there are limited seats and booking will open in a few days. We will be making the announcement soon.


About transArt

A new experience in contemporary art, performance and music, interacting with new spaces and the audiences. bringing together art & artists from across the world to interact, learn and create an experience which are provoking & cutting edge.

transArt is bought to you by Littlei, Culture Monks & our international partners.

This program is supported by Iris Home Fragrances.



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