The Embassy of Israel in India and Culture Monks are delighted to announce a performance arts residency by Marcus Shahar in the mountain village of Chuikhim, Darjeeling, India, from April 22- 25, 2018.

About the residency

The 3 days performance arts residency will include participating in a new video production by the Israeli artist Shahar Marcus and  daily performance exercises.

Each participant will have the chance to take part in the exercises and also to create their own art piece, Marcus will assist and consult the participants in this process. the exercises will take place in several location in the village. it will be indoors and outdoor as well. We will have the chance to explore different materials that we will found on site and and to create using our bodies new artistic actions. the residence participants will also take part in Marcus new video performance that will be shot during the time period of the residence.
We will be joined by  artists from Darjeeling who will enrich the experience with stories, songs & performances.
Open Call
We are looking for 2 performance artists to be part of this residency. If you’re keen to be a part of this , please write to or call +91 8697919308.
The cost of the residency will be Rs.3,000 only which will include cost of stay and all meals. Stay will be in shared accommodation. Please be advised that Chuikhim does not have any phone or Internet connectivity.
You will have to make your own travel arrangement to Siliguri , where you should be reaching by April 22nd morning 11 am. . We will move to the village from Siliguri together.
We will be leaving Chuikhim on April 26, 2018 at around 12 pm.
The residency will go on throughout the day and at night too.
About Shahar Marcus

Shahar Marcus (b. 1971) is an Israeli artist who primary works in the medium of performance and video art. He is an active artist for over a decade and has exhibited at various art- institutions, both in Israel and around the world, including: The Tate Modern ,The Israel Museum, Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Petach Tikva Museum of Art , Charlottenburg, Copenhagen- Kunsthalle , Moscow Biennale, Poznan Biennale, Moscow Museum of Modern Art and at other art- venues in Poland, Italy, Germany, Georgia, Japan, the USA and Turkey.

for more visit his website :

About Chuikhim

Chuikhim is a mountain village in the Darjeeling district. Situated on the old silk route, it is pretty and unassuming village. It offers a traveler a peaceful environment to relax and explore nature. Around Chuikhim are some breathtaking caves, waterfalls & a river bed which we hope to explore in course of this residency.

Chuikhim is blessed with some very lovely and comfortable home stays which have all the modern amenities.


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