Culture Monks in association with Openhouse and MasterPeace Bengal is delighted to present a session of Theatre Adda tiled ‘Getting Sentimental With Tina Biswas’.

This workshop cum presentation session will be led and mentored by Tina Biswas and Culture Monks.

Celebrating the contemporary – woman and women writing from South Asia , the session will invite the audience to break free from the strong patriarchal hierarchy of logic and enrich everyone through a sharing of their ‘sentiments’ freely on issues relating to their lives and society.

The audience will turn co – creators through a theatrical workshop process facilitated by Tina & Culture Monks .

Tina will in the course of the evening interact and introduce her writings and readings to the audience.

Please call | whatsapp | text 8697919308 or email to participate in this program.

About Tina Biswas

Tina is a novelist, screenwriter and media commentator with special interest in political and social issues. Born in the UK to Bengali parents, Tina developed her interest in politics from her mother, who herself was very politically active during her time at Kolkata’s Presidency College.

A scholarship student throughout her schooling, Tina graduated with a degree in Politics, Philosophy & Economics from Oxford University in 2000. During her time there, she focused on international economics, political systems, and ethics.

After graduating, Tina joined a credit card company where she discovered that toeing the corporate line was not a strength of hers.

She left after a year, and started to write – her real love. In 2006, her debut novel, Dancing With The Two-Headed Tigress (Random House), about an Indian girl visiting her relations in London, was published to acclaim, with critics making especial note of her biting social commentary and the humour in her writing. The Guardian called her “a natural writer”, whilst The Financial Times praised her charming writing style.After this, came many offers to contribute to newspapers and magazines. Tina wrote for, amongst others, The Times, The Telegraph, Irish Tatler, and Vogue India on a wide range of topics from travel to relationships. She also became a regular guest on BBC Asian Network, discussing issues which impacted the Asian community in Britain. She also took part in creative writing workshops for schoolgirls, to encourage girls from disadvantaged backgrounds to tell their stories.

In 2011, Tina’s second novel The Red Road (Zubaan), about how an idealistic teacher joins the Naxalite movement, was published. The prestigious literary journal Biblio said that the book “can serve as a case study of some of the reasons behind the failure of leftist politics in West Bengal.” The novel was also roundly lauded for its understanding of women’s issues,.

Now Tina brings us The Antagonists (Fingerprint!), a novel set in contemporary West Bengal, which combines the humour of her first book with the political analysis of her second. The renowned writer and M.P. Shashi Tharoor has described it as “An intriguing and inventive political tale…vivid, accessible, brisk… a highly original novel”, and seasoned political commentator and writer Matthew d’Ancona has proclaimed it “A sparkling social satire, its sheer pace, rapid-fire dialogue and brilliant observation evoking the magic of early Evelyn Waugh.”

Her first screenplay, I Thought I Knew You, about the healing effects of art on a damaged relationship, is in pre-production.

When not writing or looking after her 4-year old, Tina attempts to play the piano and kick-box – though not at the same time.


One thought on “getting sentimental with tina biswas : a workshop & performance

  1. Great to learn. Earlier this month I had participated in another workshop of Story Telling organised by Cultural Monks. It was a wonderful experience, learnt a lot. Thank u culture Monks. You are doing a great work for the community.


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