Theatre Adda : Park Street Sessions presents a workshop and performance called  The Nature of Love

This will be held on April 12, 2019 from 6:30 pm. Entry is free and open to all.


The fate of love and nature are intertwined. Love is an abstract emotional entity and nature is a real physical entity.

Both perhaps equally dispensable – easily subservient to logic and power – in the quest of human survival, development and progress.

Are they both used and abused – merely ‘images’ on billboards , which sell many things ?

Here, through improvisations, we examine this relationship between nature and love . We request people to come forward and participate.

The improvisation workshop will be guided by Raja Chakroborty, who is actor, director and a alumni of National School of Drama. He will use techniques of Gombhira in course of this workshop.

You can be a storyteller, musician, writer, a dancer, actor, artist or none of this.

Please call +91 8697919308 or email to join.

The workshop will be facilitated by Prasthaan and Culture Monks

Theatre Adda : Park Street sessions are regular sessions of experiments & dialogues, in & on theatre and permanence, which has been jointly hosted by Alliance française du Bengale & Culture Monks for the past many years.


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