Statements is a workshop which celebrates the constant craving of knowledge as a means of liberation, the development of the faculty to decipher and make visible the previously invisible through the lens of a camera . The resulting embodiment of the still photographs, the tracing of plasticity and the act of staging the images to reconfigure the reality though an immersive experience.

A workshop exploration on methods of devised theatre, object oriented storytelling, turning still images into a performance, extrapolating news as a performance tool & inner journeys of third theatre.

A celebration of the spirit of Mahatma Gandhi and dedicated to the function of arts to perform the process of transformation of human & environmental conditions.

Specifically the scope of the workshop includes :

Design performance thinking

Anthropological performativity

Still photos as memes of performance

An enquiry between text, spaces, stills & axis

Other details

Limited to 4 participants

October 3, 4, 5 & 6 , 2021 from 4:45 pm – 6:45 pm (India time) with an additional day for performing the outcome.

This is an online workshop.

Publication of a e – chapbook with the outcome of the workshop.

We shall also be conducting a physical residency of Statements on the Chilika Lake . The dates will be announced shortly.

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About Parnab

Parnab M is an alternative theatre director, spoken word performer, visual arts curator and works in the field of creating immersive experiences.

A former journalist with The Asian Age, Sambad Pratidin and Kindle India, Mr Mukherjee has been devising performances across the physical, analog and digital domains across South Asia since last two decades. Having conducted over 1600 knowledge based programmes across South Asian landscape, Mr Mukherjee has also curated over 30 visual art shows across the sub-continent.

He has devised, conceived, designed and directed/collaborated both experimental productions Workshops and creative immersive encounters for/at a number of institutions, activist groups, support groups, schools, colleges, youth groups and social movements including UNoDC, Embassy of Sweden in Delhi, Michael Hall-the oldest Steiner School in Great Britain and UN Women.

As a theatre soloist, he has extensively travelled with his repertoire and has performed in a range of cities including Teheran, Mashad, Chittagong, Biratnagar, Cardiff, Colombo, Negombo, Batticaloa, Dhaka, Copenhagen, London, Liverpool, Dili (East Timor), Quebec, Manchester, Singapore, Bangkok, Patumthani, Montreal, Kualalampur, New York and Vijlandi (Estonia).

Currently, he is touring with a travelling performance and visual installation piece called Axiomatic based on Karl Marx’s writings on Indian sub-continent and Kazi Nazrul Islam’s poem Bidrohi. 

He is also giving finishing touches to his feature film project – Somewhere in South Asia consisting of a trilogy of filmed  fables.

He has written five books on theatre and has recently edited an anthology of writings and musings on the idea of passive resistance called Silence of the Fireflies.


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