Starting from July 2018 we will be conducting regular sessions of ‘Motion and Emotion’, conducted by Debashree Mukherjee.

The 12 sessions will be held at Culture Monks, 164/C/17 B, Prince Anwar Shah Road, Kolkata – 700045, West Bengal , India.

The session dates are as follows

July :  17 , 20 , 24  &  27

August : 7, 10, 14, 17, 21, 24, 28  & 30

Timings will be from :  11 am – 1 pm


There are two ways to participate. You can either join

Per session : Rs 300 per session, or,

The full course : Rs. 2,400

We will have a maximum group size of 4 participants for the sessions.

Motion & Emotion Session Synopsis
If you set people in Motion, they will heal themselves

American Dancer & musician Gabriel Roth said this probably because one’s motions and emotions are interconnected. Movement is good for your body and mind. The hormone Endorphin, that brain secretes while you move makes you feel better but it also help you to concentrate, sleep well, gives you energy and makes you more resilient while facing mental and emotional challenges . Movement on a regular basis is an investment for your mind, body and soul.

Dance Movement Therapy ( DMT) is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance to support intellectual, emotional, and motor functions of the body. As a form of expressive therapy, DMT looks at the correlation between movement and emotion. It is different from a regular exercise or dance class. Here, a trained practitioner helps the client to achieve an emotional, cognitive, physical and social integration. Movement acts here as a language and the facilitator and the group enter into a kinesthetic relationship. Feelings, memories and life experiences can get trapped inside one’s body. It can be the key, by which, one can unlock profound levels of healing and bring in genuine, long lasting change.

This series of workshop is designed to help a participant to explore his/her body and mind in a safe space through different movement vocabularies, yoga postures, creative exercises and other DMT techniques. Delve deeper with the facilitator and de-stress, relax and rejuvenate. Dance movement Therapy can play an integral role in helping you re-claim an authentic connection between your actions and words.

Profile Brief – The sessions are facilitated by Debashree Mukherjee. She is a certified DMT practitioner from Centre for Lifelong Learning TISS & Kolkata Sanved, a storyteller and an early childhood literacy advocate. She had experience working with children and community for more than a decade, currently incorporating movement and storytelling for healing. She had successfully delivered workshops and sessions for a varied population across society and NGOs like Hope Foundation, CINI, New Alipore Praajak Development Society, Iswar Sankalpa, MACE, Abhigyan Project Midnapore( CSR initiative by TATA Metaliks) and Tomorrow’s Foundation, Prantik Oldage Home Asansol. Apart from institutions she runs her own practice through Mojaroo, an Initiative on the Art of Healing.



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