WALKS IN KOLKATA is basically an organisation of a few travel enthusiasts who would like to share information and their experience providing help to the fellow explorers/ travelers.

We provide guided tours consisting of small groups in and around Kolkata, the capital of West Bengal.

To get the real taste of the city you have to stroll around the narrow lanes and bye lanes of North Kolkata, roam around heritage structures in Esplanade, Park Street, Dalhousie Square etc or to see the cultural ethnicity and the decaying historical structures and art decos that still exists. Since we understand that tourism in India unfortunately has not reached grown the way one would have expected. The need for guided tour in a chaotic country cannot be overemphasized, where getting right information comes at a premium. We will redefine value for money (VOM) . In India VOM is completely unknown.

Calcutta, now Kolkata, was the capital of British India till 1911 when it was shifted to Delhi. The history of Kolkata essentially related to the British, to some extent the Mughals Nawabs of Bengal and the Nawabs of Lucknow and the obviously to the people of Bengal.

We essentially provide city walks/ tours (depending on your preference/ choice) to help fellow tourists here.

Tours we provide-

1. White Town walk/ European Kolkata – walk and see the heritage structures at Dalhousie Square. Be there where Queen Elizabeth, Mahatma Gandhi, Nikita Crushov stayed. Walk through the tramlines which was laid first in Asia and know the history of the building which was designed as a replica of the Keddlestone Hall at Derbyshire, England. There are many more to fascinate you.

Usually Normally a half day tour by walking – highly recommended.

2. Cultural Kolkata-

Kolkata was a melting pot of nations. There were jews, Armenians, Portuguese, Scotts, Chinese etc. There are places in Kolkata where even today there is a thriving anglo Indian community.Visit those places and like Churches, Synagogues, Armenian Church & Mosques, Chinese temples, Parsi fire temples etc.

3. Food Tour and around- Street foods (Kolkata is often called the street food capital of India) – authentic Bengali cuisine (Lunch/ Diner) in Bengali style- Kolkata’s years old Chinese cuisines(fusion of Cantonese), which includes Chinese breakfast. Incidentally Kolkata has the only China town in India

 4. Ethnic Tour and around- One day trip

.(a) Weaver’s villagers.

(b) Wooden doll’s village.

(c) Ethnic brass artisan’s (dokra) village.

(d) Pot village (scroll painting style).

(e) Pottery village.

(f) Boat maker’s village.

(g) wood carving village

5. Eco Tour and around- There are nice places around the city. Spend a full day in Botanical Garden, Maidan, Butterfly Park, Bird sanctuary which are also known as photographers, nature lovers paradise.

 6. Photography Tour and around- The city is a photographer’s paradise. Must grab an opportunity to shoot through the narrow lanes and bye lanes, flower market. Take a country boat trip on Hooghly/Ganges/Ganga- the river passing through the city or walk around the British- Roman- Greek architectures that are still exists, streets which are simply unparallalunparallel and so the life and activities around Maidan…yYou will get a lot amazing variety of subjects being a photographer, no matter if whether you are a professional or an amateur.

7. Black Town/ North Kolkata – The hidden treasures of Old Kolkata with amazing history and anecdotes. Visit some of the palaces of the Old traditional barons of Bengal. Know the history of the Bengal.

8. Artwalk – Kolkata is the cultural capital of India – there are numerous art galleries in Kolkata and every day there are numerous dance, musical, theatrical, art and cultural programmes taking place, which is not published in the local newspapers. It will be great opportunity to get the taste of the cultural Bengal with us. Meet with some local artists.

9. Cememtery walk-

Once, Kolkata was the capital of British India. There were significant number of British people in the city. Many of them died here. The cemeteries are now a part of the heritage and a great source of historical information. Visit the place with us.

Mix and match- Customized as per your choices from the above.

Our tours include-

Local guides, cars (AC/ non AC)- optional), one bottle of mineral water, breakfast ( basically dry foods- bread, butter, omlettes/boiled eggs, cakes, dry snacks)-  only in one day trip.