Teaser of ‘Echoes’ – A documentary on the cultural crisis of Kinnaur

Here is a teaser from a documentary made by Supriyo Nandy ( a member of Culture Monks) called ‘Echoes’The documentary which has been produced by Films Division of Indiais the result of long running research into the transition in the society and culture of Kinnaur, in the wake of globalization, which is threatening to wipe way the traditional rituals and ways of the Kinnaur society.

Echoes is a journey surfacing from a remote part of Indian Himalayas where society and the natural environment are organically interconnected. Himalayan regions have inhospitable weather condition, limited resources the insufficient supply of food required the limitation of the growth of population, and the existence of fraternal polyandry where brothers get married to a single women has helped to solve these problems to great extent. Through the intense contrasting viewpoint of six Kinnara families, encountering the Echoes of change blowing over the region and presenting a vivid contemporary Kinnara society.

This is part of an initiative of Supriyo Nandy and Culture Monks to help preserve the unique culture of Kinnaur , through various means including the promotion of sustainable tourism.

Please feel free to write to for screening details, information etc.


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