Introduce your child to the fabulous  world of puppets. Parents can also join in with the children and have a wonderful time bonding and learning a new skill together. This Puppet making workshop is conducted by the veteran puppeteer, who has years of experience in teaching the art & skill of puppet making and puppet theatre. She is also a Fullbright Scholar.

Age Group : 6 yrs – 10 yrs

Puppet making helps in the development of imagination and creativity of a child, leads to improvement of motor skills, boosts confidence in the child to articulate his thoughts.

Contents for the Workshop

  • Introduction to puppets
  • Different types of  puppets
  • How to make different kinds of puppets
  • Make Your own puppet
  • Puppet Theatre and Storytelling

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Other Details

Date : April 6 & 7 , 2019

Timings : 3 PM – 5 PM

Please be present at the venue 15 mins before the start of the workshop

Venue : Happy Chaos, Maruti Building, 4th floor,  Loudon Street, opp Bell Vue Nursing Home.

Workshop Fees : Rs 1,500 only (all inclusive) ( includes the parents participation)

Payment Link :

About Swapna Sen

Swapna Sen is a painter, organizes puppet theatre with puppets made by her. She completed her Masters in painting and crafts from art college way back in 1971. After that, she had organized many exhibitions in India as well as abroad. She was one of the members of ‘The Puppet’, directed by Raghunath Goswami. She had travelled France and Russia as part of the puppet-group contingent on the occasion of India Festival. As a Fulbright Fellow in puppetry she is one of the instructors at The Centre for Cultural Resources of Govt. of India. At present she is the chief coordinator of ‘Simple Puppet’.

“I take inspiration from traditional puppetry and employ contemporary methods. It makes puppetry more appealing to the urban middle class.”

She has been the teacher and mentor to many successful puppeteers in Kolkata.

Watch an interview with Swapna Sen on VOOT


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