Alliance française du Bengale and Culture Monks are very happy to announce the call for entries for an on line Cafe Philo Debate.

The debate topic is ” No form of art can be digital ; Art by nature can be digitised but not digital “

A Very Short Note

Memory is in a continuous flux because continuous life is in constant flux and is not merely fitted member by member into the chain . Rather, everything new reacts to the old


Here we examine the entry of art as we knew it into the digital domain and the different perspectives and opinion digital art generates amongst creators and people who experience art.


This is an debate in the virtual space. It is in English and open to anyone.

The final date of entry is May 30, 2020. The final list will be announced by June 10, 2020 and the content made public. Thereafter the selected debaters will have the opportunity to react to the opposition arguments. We will have a final web debate session on June 19, 2020. The timings will be announced closer to the date.

Entries to be send in voice files or videos. If you’re sending your voice files please send a photo of yourself. In either cases please send your name and city along with the entries.Entries will have to be in English.

Entries to be in 3 points which accompanying explanation. Please provide references and supporting evidence for your argument through images or weblinks along with your entry (through email).

The first eight best entries against the motion and eight for the motion will be accepted and the best arguments would be made public and disseminated in communication channels .We will have a webinar on June 19th with all the participants.

The debate will be judged by a panel which will be headed by Parnab Mukherjee

Once the lock down is over and normal activities resumes we may have invite the top 4 entrants to present their arguments before an audience at Alliance française du Bengale, if they are present in Kolkata.

E Certificates will be issued to the selected entries.

Please send your entries to or

for any clarification whatsapp or call +91 8697919308 or email or

About Cafe Philo

Alliance francaise du Bengale & Culture Monks are very happy to bring to you Cafe Philo  in Kolkata,Kolkata has been home to the greatest thinkers, activists, politicians and artists in the contemporary history of India.  ´Addas’ which are casual but critical discourses on politics, society & culture are very much part of the urban ritual in the city. Blessed with vibrant and beautiful cafes & spaces – both old and new the city is the perfect place for Cafe Philo.Cafe Philo will not only be held in cafes but in a variety of spaces which makes it accessible for all sections of the citizens participate in curated and moderated sessions of discussions on philosophy or related to philosophy. The sessions will be moderated by philosophers and anyone will be able to participate in these sessions along the chosen themes.The past sessions of Cafe Philo has featured very interesting and enriching lectures on Western & Indian Philosophies and we have also dwelt into the occult.

Please visit Alliance française du Bengale for more information on French language courses and other cultural activities.

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