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One Planet is a MasterPeace project for building a sense of Global Citizenship with a focus on children participation in collaboration with Young Monks (children division of Culture Monks) & The Strategy Academy.

It is the coming together of children from all over the world and to meet, interact, share and learn about each other’s culture.

This is a multilingual program. Children from ages 6 yrs – 16 yrs can participate, accompanied by their guardians.

The first session will be held on May 15, 2020 at 11:30 am (UTC) or 5 pm (IST) . The live session will be hosted at The Strategy Academy Studio.

MasterPeace is a global platform promoting peace and global citizenship and it has clubs in 54 countries which brings together people of many cultures.

Through this program we will introduce the children to the diversity of culture and plant the seed of global citizenship. In the future these children, we hope that they will grow up with greater awareness of their place in this big world and find common concerns and ways to make this planet a better place to live in.

MasterPeace facilitators know multiple languages and we can make this unique communication work through participative translation and interpretation.

How to Share & Participate ?

We will be holding session on the virtual platform. Participants need to register. The form has been attached at the beginning and end of this message.

We will send the link to the participants using which they can enter the room. Participants are encouraged to wear their local dress but it is not mandatory.

Once in the room, the participant are requested to introduce their name and the name of the city, country they are from and say a small bit about their city/county.

We will share the the chronological order of presentation with the registered participants.

Please limit the item to less than 3 minutes. You can share live but also you can pre record the items and share the file with us using the form below. We will show this during the live session and have a discussion around this.

What can you share ?

Poems | Short Stories | Speech about anything related to their culture or the environment | Videos or Photographs ( shot by them) | Songs | Dance | Theatre Performance | Painting

Register Now – The Form

Please fill this form to register for the virtual meet on May 15, 2020

For any queries please whatsapp + 91 8697919308 or email


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