Alliance française du Bengale, MasterPeace & Culture Monks present a a spoken word installation which is a tribute to Lalon Fakir on the World Music Day, 2020.

Fête de la Musique or World Music Day is an occasion for the celebration of the craft of music as an intrinsic part of human civilization. There is no better proponent who used music as a vehicle for personal & social transformation than Lalon Fakir. Lalon Fakir contribution towards the shaping of our identity and his messages which constantly anchor us to the basic human truths are an integral part of 0ur folklore and heritage.

In the dialogues which preceded the creation of this spoken word installation we were mad aware that so many people are yet unaware of the presence and situation of Lalon Fakir in our cultural history. These translated works of Lalon Fakir in English will hopefully shed light on the message of the great saint and bring renewed interest in his life and times and as a human race unite us with a collective memory which is too precious to be lost.

On June 21, 2020 Culture Monks and MasterPeace will also be launching the MasterPeace India radio with this program. MasterPeace India radio aims to inform, provoke, build capacity and spur the imagination of its listener in order to be lead to personal and social transformation.

This spoken word installation will be available on Masterpeace India Radio. It will also be accessible on facebook page of Alliance française du Bengale & Culture Monks on June 21, 2020.


Strange Factory: Voices oscillating between 8 cubicles and 9 doors

This is a spoken word improvisation based on writings of Lalon Fakir. This year we remember Lalon through his 130th birth commemoration and his everlasting message of humanism. This project is led, curated and voiced by Parnab Mukherjee with Yudhajit on the lead guitar and Sangat Haldar on chords and percussion (bangla dhol).

The name has been taken from the sublime words of Lalon called Ajob Karkhana(Strange Factory) and his line “Aat kuthuri noi dorja (The cage has eight rooms and nine closed doors).

Here is a tribute to Lalon on the occasion of World Music Day, 2020.


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