Radio is a rainbow
Repository of consensus and dissensus
Radio is that voice where
We listen to the human in
And imagine the voice of the body and not body of the voice
Welcome to Sonic Immunity
See the listening
Hear the unseen

Welcome to Sonic Immunity – a program featuring music and spoken word from around the world on MasterPeace Radio

LIMINALITY: to remember International Day of Democracy

Written, directed and Curated by Mukherjee.P
Featuring: Loreto College-Kolkata, Shred X, Bolbosh and Mukherjee. P

Supported by Culture Monks, 21 Media Services, Suha P Chakraborty and Asiya Zahoor. Stills: Baishampayan Saha

On September 15 & 18, 2020

10 AM Mexico and Colombia Time
4 PM West Africa Time,
5 PM Central Europe Time, and
8:30 PM India Time

Radio Link :

Director’s Note

As the world confronts COVID-19, democracy is crucial in ensuring the free flow of information, participation in decision-making and accountability for the response to the pandemic.

UN Secretary-General António Guterres

This curated theatrical exploration on International Day of Democracy, looks at three important facets. Apathy, Identity and Shrinking civic  spaces. The programme is called Liminality. In the first piece with the students of Loreto College-Kolkata (Sharmeen, Shrutti, Anushka and Kanika), we look back at three fire tragedies of the Indian sub-continent. The inter-connected monologues with a preamble explores the intersection of a numbing pain and structural apathy.

The musical soundscape consists of two Tagore songs rendered by London based artist Suha Priyadarshini Chakraborty. The second piece takes out to the home and hearth of a British South Asian who grapples not just with his identity, but the larger question of multiculturalism where he/she is expected to fit in. That “fitting in” is always a bracket  never seamless. Never really mainstream.The musical soundscape is a searing bilingual hip hop piece by Shred X aka Shreyan Datta. It is an interior monologue both by the writer/actor and the hip hop artist.The third piece is a duologue in the form of a staged conversation between two poets over whats app. Each replying a poem with a poem.This conversation between writer/curator/director of the programme  Mukherjee. P and Asiya Zahoor-poet from Baramulla -Kashmir explores the urban loneliness not just as a personal metaphor but also the times around them. This loneliness can be personal. ideological and a space between dystopic utopia and  utopic dystopia.

Mukherjee. P

September 14, 2020

Eve of International Day of Democracy 


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