Culture Monks is delighted to be a part of this international arts project.

LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep, presents their 5th Edition, Art Heals.

A video projection exhibition, Art Heals, will showcase a series of artworks produced by selected international visual artists during their Covid-19 lockdown isolation. The curated artworks in LAZZARO_artdoesn’t sleep will be projected onto buildings in the cities of Rome, Latina, Milan, Naples, Belgrade, Novi Sad (Serbia), Maastricht (Netherlands), Madrid (Spain), Los Angeles, New York (US), Lima (Peru), Cancun, Mexico City (Mexico), Kolkata (India) on February 27th at 7.30 pm local time in each participating city; a
symbolism of unity, as when time strikes midnight, one by one, city by city.

Art Heals, presented by LAZZARO_Art doesn’t sleep, focuses on the use of art and its ability to heal us during a difficult historical period. The projection of artworks, showcased, bring attention to different or similar Covid-19 experiences and emotions that each city or artist is living, in a parallel worldwide pandemic condition.

A selection of international photographers is debuted, for the first time, in the 5th Edition of the project allowing us to highlight the scenario in every city, where Lazzaro’s artists have produced their works.

While museums and galleries still remain partially closed, the 5th edition of LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep, will illuminate and dress the city buildings worldwide. All public spaces such as streets, squares, courtyards, gardens, monuments, forced into silence in these past months, will continue to be colored with the projection of artworks produced by the international artists participating in Art Heals.

LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep was born from the darkness of the Covid-19 lockdown, from the desire to break down the physical and psychological barriers of our homes, using the computer and the projectors as the only means available. LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep tries to connect people at all latitudes, to trust and mobilize citizenship, and to allow anyone who wants to “play” with the power of art outside the art system» state founders Laura Mega, Italian visual artist and Claudia Pecoraro, curator and researcher.



ALBA Valerio Berruti [Photographer Letizia Cigliutti] BELGRADE Biserka Petrovic [Ph. Marko Rupena] LATINA Annarita D’Anolfo [Ph. Marcello Scopelliti] LIMA Nicolas Gjivanovic – Malaki [Ph. Alejandra Devescovi] LOS ANGELES Daniel Gerwin – Mark Steven Greenfield – Rema Ghuloum [Ph. Andrew Graham] MAASTRICHT Bryan Claessen [Ph. Laurent Stevens] MILAN El Gato Chimney – Simone Fugazzotto – Alfredo Rapetti Mogol [Ph. Margherita De Angelis] MONTREAL Stella & Stikki Peaches [Ph. Jean-François Savaria] MEXICO CITY Elina Chauvet [Ph. Luis Antonio Rojas] NAPLES Aurora Destro – Jorit [Ph. Mario Laporta] NEW YORK Angelica Bergamini – Chris Klapper & Patrick Gallagher – Michele Palazzo/streetfauna – Stefan Sagmeister [Ph. Eva Mueller] NOVI SAD Monika Sigeti [Ph. Ljubica
Denkovic] ROME Davide Dormino – Alessandro Ferraro – Luca Padroni – Francesca Fini – Pietro Ruffo – Monica Pirone [Ph. Giovanni De Angelis] TEHRAN Narges Mohammadi

ABOUT LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep project LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep is a video projection exhibition on urban spaces around the world and was created by founders Laura Mega, visual artist and Claudia Pecoraro, curator and researcher.

LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep, an exhibition program, calls to action fellow artists and citizens to video project curated artwork onto buildings, simultaneously, in multiple cities at the same time.

LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep has cultivated multiple successful collaborations, involving more than 100 international artists and 40 cities, across the world since its inception in March of 2020.

LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep showcases the art that does not sleep, the art that awakens, the art that raises, and the art that is not afraid to show fear.

LAZZARO_art doesn’t sleep is an original project by Laura Mega & Claudia Pecoraro

Aurora Destro – executive
Michela Rossi – graphic
Fabrizio Babino – US Ambassador

We will be shortly updating the projection/performance schedule for Kolkata.


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