travelling monks

Traveling Monks is a section dedicated to travellers – who are interested in exploring, experiencing, understanding and participating in art forms & destinations, cultural practices within India. Backed by our community of researchers and practitioners, we hope to offer to discerning travellers, a deep insight into the art practice & an experience which will be truly enriching and fulfilling.

Traveling Monks  makes you participate in history, art & culture of a place & allows a deeper understanding of places & practices.

Traveling Monks is an initiative in sustainable tourism. The intangible heritage of any place is in a state of flux negotiating with the current realities and hence forming new cultures. For most time, the awareness & knowledge about the rituals, practices  and its shifting significance is not inadequate or non existent in the community and hence hidden to the outsider. Many a times the traveller feels like a stranger who is consuming and taking some voyeuristic delight from his travel experiences, and forming mis-understanding about the  place or culture, which in turn produces and incorrect or imperfect world-view. On the other hand a participative and knowledge based critical approach could open up a whole new world to the traveller, hence making his experience more meaningful and unique.

Hence Traveling Monks aims to use tourism and a mode of unearthing, promoting, preserving, documenting the intangible cultural heritage in communities. This in turn hopefully will lead to a process of positive dialogue within the community about the import and significance of their organic culture, rather being culturally conditioned by a tourism industry constantly culturally conditioning them as a consumer product. The communities interaction with guests, who are more informed about the place and culture will help to forge a meaningful dialogue & open up opportunities for development and growth in a sustainable manner.

Please write to us with your thoughts or specific requirements to

More on Traveling Monks

Make the most from your travel, quench your curiosity and enrich your life with specially designed residency packages by Traveling  Monks .

Traveling Monks has been conducting residencies in India for arts, culture, history, encompassing a wide range of forms including theatre, storytelling, music, visual arts, architecture, festivals, philosophy, cuisine, etc.

Few examples of what you can do are as follows :

  • collaborate with local artists to develop your own performances, music, films, etc. We will also help you put together the performance at sites most suitable to your the contexts.

  • work on community projects which uses arts & culture for social development and skill development. This may includes things like farming, working in slums areas, working with local and traditional artisans, craftsmen, etc.

  • develop deep and authentic insights into local history , arts, culture, philosophies, etc. Learn new skills as you go along.

  • understand conflicts and issues through guided tours and lectures by subject matter experts.

If you’re visiting India, with the intent of

  • Artistic Collaboration like theatrical production, film production, visual arts projects, performance arts projects
  • Culture Education or experiences
  • Insights in local history
  • Understanding the contemporary social, economic or political situations

We can organize an experience for yourself based on your requirements

We have a resource pool of

  • Artists from all spheres, Traditional, Folk and contemporary
  • Access to knowledge mentors and guides
  • Sites suited to your contexts
  • Customized stay packages
  • Technical Capabilities

What We offer

  • A completely safe and authentic experience, where you get access to the best resources.
  • Stay at spaces which are customized to your needs and budgets.
  • Assurance of long term collaborations and projects.

If you’re interested kindly get in touch with us at the following coordinates :
Email :

Phone/Whatsapp : +91 8697919308



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