The  key to  living a full, rich, successful life is ADAPTATION.

A small plant when growing, may be obstructed by a stone. The plant does think of how to destroy the obstruction but sees which way it should grow a little to the left???

a little to the right???

which way should it move to reach its goal – which is to grow into a tree…giving

The art of d theatre is to do with emotions, sometimes expressing them, sometimes sublimating, sometimes waiting for the right time to express.

Always acting with a constructive, positive, larger goal in mind.

What is friendship???

I have a feeling that it is indescribable.

It’s a feeling, an action, a touch, a look. The moment one tries to capture the essence of friendship in words one falls short is friendship and love a thing that one always wants to communicate in words to a friend or the one loved.

I for one want to make my friend laugh and the happy uncontrollably till her stomach hurt – metaphorically.

I make jokes all the time with my maaa and munna didi (my younger sister who is my second maaa).

It gives me immense joy.

But i never see d joy, to the extent i want to, in them,that’s when i say to myself

Raja. Work on your comic act

Nevertheless,i don’t give up.

Someday very soon..ii will give them d metaphorical stomach



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