Masterpeace India Bengal is working towards building Global Citizenship and strengthening of Democracy through arts , culture and innovations.

We are working closely with and through our network of NGO’s in West Bengal, to build dialogues, forge partnerships and create perspective in the society.

We have identified Poverty, Education and Health as the primary cause for weakening democracy and are working towards strengthening the same.

Environment, Identity and Gender play a fundamental role in the building of global citizenship, which is a way to ensure sustainable development without the loss of cultural identity.

MasterPeace & Culture Monks will work towards creating programs and projects which will mobilize people, facilitate dialogue and intervene through arts and cultural activities

The focus of MasterPeace India – Bengal will be include people from all cross sections of the society to chart out a process which can lead to bringing communities closer and work towards peace and progress. We will also be working on capacity building and skill development in the creative field.

MasterPeace India – Bengal  looks forward to be a part of this world wide network and contribute positively towards the progress of its values and objectives.

Watch out for further announcements of our various projects and programs,

About MasterPeace

“I believe in MasterPeace. World leaders cannot push back armed conflict alone. We need the whole world to make this happen.” Desmond Tutu.

MasterPeace is an award-winning global grassroots non-profit and non-governmental peace movement, currently existing in more than 40 countries around the world.

MasterPeace organizes global and local events, innovative campaigning, events, leadership trainings & capacity building events, to encourage the active involvements of youth from around the world in topics of social change, peacebuilding and community cohesion, aligning up efforts to help contribute to the sustainable development goals.

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