The Alliance française du Bengale in collaboration with RS-Sanjiv Goenka Group,The Doodle Room, Art Villa and Masterpeace India-Bengal, is happy to present the Inauguration of Soul of Peace ; Rooh-E-Sukun, an Art Exhibition & Installation by Poet-Artist Sufia Khatoon, on Wednesday, 7th August, 2019, followed by light refreshments.

Time : 7 pm-8 pm
Venue : Alliance Française du Bengale
Gate 3, Flat 15, Park Mansion, 57A, Park St,
Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

“Rooh-e-Sukun: A visual journey of The Soul of Universal Peace “

by Poet-Artist Sufia Khatoon 

A creative circle of Mandala is meant to enlighten our sense of reasoning to find our peace in this circle of existence. Poet-Artist, Sufia Khatoon’s solo exhibition of Paintings, Peace Poetry Prayer Flag Installation and Poetry performance with human canvases focuses on this circle of life and how to attain Peace ; In this time of intolerance where man is killing man, she feels our world has forgotten to be tolerant towards each other, to love and cherish our cultural differences and beliefs and to have faith in the goodness around us. Focusing on the positive message of world peace through the creative medium.

The Concept of the Exhibition

Paintings: Soul Of Peace: Rooh-e-Sukun,

The entire venue will be exhibited with Peace paintings in various languages like Urdu, Hindi,Bengali, Kanada, French,English, etc in Mandala form through the soul of things.

Peace Poetry Prayer Flag & Scroll Installations: The artist has been campaigning with this message with the idea of 500 poems on peace by 500 living poets in the world to be exhibited as a single body of work, promoting the message of peace.

Elements of Soul: Human Canvases & Performance Poetry by Sufia Khatoon:

The idea of an inaugural poetry performance with human canvases is to project the elements of anger, hate, rage, intolerance to understand what peace means.


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