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The Call

In commemoration of India’s Independence Day on August 15th we examine the concept of ‘Freedom’ . This is an open call for articles from both adults and children on the concept and experience of ‘Freedom’.

Those who function out of fear, seek security, those who function out of trust, seek freedom.” – Anne Bogart

We have been asking this question of many – ‘What is Freedom’ ?

Most people spoke of an aspiration, a desire – very clear , positive and tangible, well in line with practical possibilities. It doesn’t sound much, doesn’t cost a fortune, is not profound , nor absolute.

Freedom is not an utopia for those Born Free – perhaps itś an oasis, somewhere in between ” intellectual pessimism and an utopia” – a state of being and a right, which need constant reassessment and struggle to preserve.

But then maybe we are asking the people who were free. There are those for whom freedom is a fantasy, and they need help to locate & voice their desire.

‘The function of freedom is to free someone else’– Toni Morisson.

There is no doubt that today we live in a world which is displaying traits of extreme intolerance and fascism in the way major leaders and political parties who have achieved majority through popular mandate and otherwise, in cohort with dominant institutions of wealth  & extra judicial forces ( terrorists) along with  radical groups,  are perpetrating through their acts of violence,  legislation and exhortations all of which aims at instilling an ideological paradigm which aims at curbing freedom.

The various curbs and obstacles in the path to freedom has been in various forms, including restricting or blocking access to freedom of thought, right to security & safety, environmental security,  freedom of movement, freedom of  religious thoughts and practices, right of association and free assembly, freedom of expression and information, challenging identities and relationships, freedom to credit, labor and business, to name a few.

” Freedom and culture are interdependent and nourished from each other and are good seeds that can grown only in soil which recognizes the right to diversity … diversity and free creativity. ” – Md Beji Kaid Essebsi

Hence it is incumbent upon each and every individual to reevaluate their positions, enter into a dialogue and try to find answers the complicated questions which confronts us in a manner where freedom is preserved and a solution emerges which is beyond the dangerous rhetoric and orchestration of interests who seek the end of the of the ‘corrupting critical spirit’ & instill ” contempt for all that is reflective, critical & plutocratic.”

Requesting articles which could be in the form of a poem, essay, short story or images/art work/videos. People of all nationalities can submit articles.

You can even make short videos ( 10 secs to 60 secs) of yourself or people you know, speaking about freedom and send it to us.

We will publish this online and also selected articles will be part of our quarterly magazine ( print ).

The last date for sending your entries is November 26. 2019

To submit your article please use this link :

Many Thanks

Sudipta Dawn

This is joint initiative between Masterpeace, Oakridge Foundation & Culture Monks.



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