This is a single 3 hours session.

Various date and time options are available throughout July 2020. Please select your option.

To join whatsapp your name to +91 8697919308 or fill up this form

Playlife is designed as an introduction to theatre for adults from all backgrounds. It comprises highly energetic, physically expressive activities drawn from both contemporary and traditional art forms.

There are various stages of learnings and this is the introductory session

This session is designed to help participants.

1) Break free from their inhibitions,

2) Connect with their emotions,

3) Give free reign to their creative and expressive skills,

4) Learn skills of communication, collaboration, critical thinking and problem solving. ​

5) Be more mindful, self aware and empathic

A typical session, lasting two hours, will usually start with centering and grounding with meditative voice work which fosters mindfulness. This will then move on to group activities that are highly energetic and fun, which spark all the senses and the imagination. In the central portion of the session, we will explore the Navarasaas – the nine cardinal emotions, through movement, expression, breath and rhythm.

In the final part, we’ll work on elements of storytelling, and the collective creation of short, virtual scenes.

About Arka Mukhopadhyay

Performer, director and pedagogue Arka Mukhopadhyay.

Starting his journey in 2003, Arka has researched deeply into the fundamental elements of the performer’s craft, inspired by the work of Jerzy Grotowski and Eugenio Barba, his own deep practice of Kalarippayattu and Yoga, and encounters and dialogues with artists from traditions such as Kootiyattom, Qawwali, Baul-Phokiri, Yakhshagaana, Kattaikkuttu, Butoh and others. He has won fellowships from the Inlaks Foundation and the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, and has performed in prestigious festivals in Singapore, Croatia, Spain, Greece and all across India. Out of all his deep and sustained research, he has shaped ” Sahrudaya – Theatre of Resonance, a psycho-physical approach to the training of performers.


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