Radio is a rainbow
Repository of consensus and dissensus
Radio is that voice where
We listen to the human in
And imagine the voice of the body and not body of the voice
Welcome to Sonic Immunity
See the listening
Hear the unseen

Welcome to Sonic Immunity – a program featuring music and spoken word from around the world on MasterPeace Radio, every Monday @ 9:30 pm IST , i.e. 4 pm UTC & 9 pm (Pakistan time).

The show includes live phone calls and stimulating discussions on making music and the current state of affairs.

The episode on May 25 , 2020 will feature music from Pakistan.

Radio Link :

MasterPeace Global and Culture Monks presents Sonic Immunity Pakistan, which is a radio show on MasterPeace Radio featuring music and spoken words from Pakistan.

The show will be presented by Maham Suhail and features electronic and acoustic mixes of traditional as well as contemporary music from Pakistan with strong influences of tribal folk and sufi music.

Maham Suhail is a Pakistani music artist, living currently in Spain. She is a vocalist, songwriter, sonic artist, producer. Her primary genre is World Beat; she also dabbles into Sonic design (as AV installations/Ambient Spoken Word). Maham’s single ‘Sajjan Yaar’ was an Unsigned Only winner (2019) & an EthnoCloud chart topper (2020). She has received an interfaith harmony certificate from the Punjab government (2015), for her ‘Shabad Kirtan’ performance work at Sikh festival & the All Pakistan Music Conference. She is currently working on her first album, while also submitting songs to sync libraries.

MasterPeace Radio is a part of a global peace movement called MasterPeace.

The program Sonic Immunity will feature music and spoken words and will feature content from around the world.

Contexts are open however we would like to feature content which dwells into the subjects of democracy, justice, environment, gender, global citizenship , human rights , etc.

Previous Episodes

Sonic Immunity Cameroon

This special edition of Sonic Immunity will focus on a country (Cameroon) with an ongoing armed conflict for the past four years.

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