As an art organization who have been committed to socially engaged art practices , we find it incumbent upon us to respond in our ways to the devastating criss caused by the lock down due to COVID- 19 and then the super cyclone Amphan which has cause total destruction of physical and economic habitat in West Bengal, India, where we are situated.

As many amongst us have had experience in working in the development sector , it is within our range of expertise to be engaged in such activities , putting to use the wide network of NGO’s and development agencies who have been our partners.

We thank you for reading this and request you to come forward to support out initiatives. This section is evolving with time. We are contributing part of our revenue towards these initiatives and also raising funds from individual donors and development agencies.

Our interventions ranges from direct acts and also use of our core art practices to address crisis. This segment focuses on direct developmental initiatives.

Our direct intervention geographical area in South 24 pgns district of West Bengal , particularly the administrative blocks which constitute the area of Sunderbans – the worst affected area due to COVID- 19 and also Cylcone Amphan.

Please note that none of our members are paid for this development work and this is been carried on in the capacity of a volunteer.

Key Areas of Intervention

Distribution of free solar lights to the poorest people in Sunderbans

Cyclone Amphan has destroyed Sunderbans and the impact on the poorest segment will be fatal.

Read more here :

It is likely that it will take at least 30 -60 days for restoration of electricity and even then as we have experienced, these areas are prone to frequent and long hours of power outages.

One the casualty of this has been the total meltdown of the electricity supplies which has left millions in darkness affecting their daily lives. This has lead to loss of their ability to carry out their small trades and crafts at home, including basket making, doing stitch works, pottery, etc. The children are unable to study and cooking will be difficult. The poorest suffer the most as they can’t afford alternative power – like solar lighting systems. They will also struggle to buy extra kerosene to meet their lighting requirements. Moreover they are unable to charge their mobile phone and hence are cut off from the market and emergency medical relief. Due to this they will also not receive updates about relief measures, COVID-19 related information, etc.

We have taken an initiative to distribute solar lights with charging station to these poor people free of cost.

We have so far managed to get support to distribute 50 such Solar Lighting system and plan to intensify efforts to distribute as many as possible.

The product which we are distributing is as follows . It is a branded robust product which we have used and found satisfactory through many years.

Please click on the image to get product information.

We are providing the donors complete information including name, aadhar card, phone number and the image of the persons to whom we giving this light for free of cost.

Project Rojgaar : supporting micro – entrepreneurs from the poorest segment of the society

We have launched a project to provide funding, training and mentor ship and market linkage to micro entrepreneurs and their families. This will ensure that they will have easy access to the operational funds they need to carry out their daily business and hence would be able to provide for basic food and health for their families.

This is long term project and will use the digital platform extensively to deliver training and information and the outreach will be in large numbers. As an initial step we have the generous donation from a patron which allows us to support 3 such entrepreneurs and their families for the next 6 months.

Support our initiatives

Please note that Indian donors will be able to claim back tax benefits under Section 80G of Indian IT Act

We are also receiving donations from international donors.

We are also ready to discuss other means of interventions as the donor may want to address the situation

Please connect with us on +91 8697919308 | +91 93310 27379 ; through email : sudipta or fill up this form


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