Radio is a rainbow
Repository of consensus and dissensus
Radio is that voice where
We listen to the human in
And imagine the voice of the body and not body of the voice
Welcome to Sonic Immunity
See the listening
Hear the unseen

Welcome to Sonic Immunity – a program featuring music and spoken word from around the world on MasterPeace Radio, every Monday @ 9:30 pm IST.

The episode on June 15 , 2020 will feature spoken words performed by Parnab Mukherjee, in solidarity with the conditions of migrancy.

Curation text and voiced by Mukherjee.P
supported by Culture Monks, 21 Media Services and Abhinava Chatterjee
stills: Ruth Dillon

Radio Link :

Sonic Immunity Spoken Word in solidarity with migrancy is a smörgåsbord of word treatments ranging from an excerpt from a long voice project on Lalon Fakir, translations from Hindi and Punjabi, sharing a poem from Kashmiri, verses that look at the contrasting attitudes on migrants and looks at the larger view of spillages, unreason and fissures. Set on a keyboard and electric piano, sound clips recorded on what’s app (consciously) these tracks range from a 18 minute immersive piece on Shakuntala to a ferw seconds long translation of Gorakh Pandey. Curated and voiced by Mukherjee. P and supported by the musicscape of Abhinava, Arunim, Sahaj and Asiya Zahoor, this co-production of Culture Monks is a searing portrayal of the mundane and the metaphysical.

MasterPeace Radio is a part of a global peace movement called MasterPeace.

The program Sonic Immunity will feature music and spoken words and will feature content from around the world.

Sonic Immunity Pakistan

MasterPeace Global and Culture Monks presents Sonic Immunity Pakistan, which is a radio show on MasterPeace Radio featuring music and spoken words from Pakistan.

Sonic Immunity Cameroon

This special edition of Sonic Immunity will focus on a country (Cameroon) with an ongoing armed conflict for the past four years.


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