Walls that close , walls that free

MASTERCLASS of the International project Beyond Borders led by INSTABILI VAGANTI (Italy)


Presented by TaFMA at Hornbill Festival 2021, Nagaland as a South Asian Fringe outreach initiative of Culture Monks.

This masterclass and theatrical practical meeting comes from Instabili Vaganti’s newest international project Beyond Borders and will focalize on theatre as a tool of social and political intervention, intercultural exchange and, at the same time, as a means of expression for the performer’s creative freedom.

The masterclass represents a concrete action to stimulate in the performer the awareness of his/her own cultural, social and political role in the framework of a civil commitment emotional theatre that can take charge of the global problematics in the contemporary society producing a positive reaction that’s positive inasmuch artistic and poetic.

The workshop is addressed to: performers, actors, dancers, students, singers, traditional performing artists.

Space : Regional Centre of Excellence for Music and Performing Arts (RCEMPA) Jotsoma, Kohima, Nagaland

Date & Time : Dec 4 & 5, 2021 from 10 am onwards


Physical and vocal training: perception and attention dilatation, exploration of the different tensions and energetical temperatures, action and reaction impulses of the body and comprehension of the relationship between word and physical action, acrobatic elements for the stage, body-voice vocal exercise of connections

Spatial dynamics and time-rhythm perception: study of rhythmical steps and rhythmical variations in space in a single-group dialogue dynamic

Comprehension of the concept of Chorus, study of overall choreographies and mass action.

Performative language study: comprehending and owning the relationship between organicity of movement and sound, decomposition of gesture and word, capability of working in relation to other expressive meanings as music, video and images.

Exploration of Issues and thematic connected with the concept of borders, in their different meanings (political, geographical, social, artistic, philosophical…)


  • The participants will have to bring training clothes for in and outdoor (as well as tennis shoes), a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt.
  • It will be demanded to prepare one or more of the followings materials related with the theme of “Borders”: a text fragment, a brief physical action, a song, a traditional element (song, action, dance, ritual…), a music, a series of images, a short video, a theme to be discussed.

Beyond Borders Project

Beyond Borders is an international research project conceived and directed by Instabili Vaganti aimed at the realization of theatrical and multidisciplinary co-creation and co-production paths, able to overcome the new barriers imposed by the pandemic and ease the restart of international artistic work processes. Supported by the MiC – Italian Ministry of Culture – Boarding Pass Plus grant, Beyond Borders is conceived and directed by Instabili Vaganti in collaboration with L’Arboreto Residency centre, La MaMa Umbria International and ATER Foundation. The project involves 10 international partners, including festivals and residency centres in Chile, Senegal, Canary Islands, Malaysia, India, USA. This international net of partners foresees the collaboration with TaFMA – Task force for Music and Arts in Nagaland and Culture Monks in Kolkata for a step of research, exchange and artistic creation of the project that will be held in Nagaland. The project will take place from September 2021 to September 2022 in Italy and in the countries in which the international partners are based.

Instabili Vaganti

Instabili Vaganti is characterised by research and experimentation in physical theatre and contemporary performing arts. It has presented its productions and projects in over twenty countries, translated its works in over three languages and collected many national and international awards. The company has represented Italian theatre in initiatives of world importance, including the Theatre Olympics in India and the Year of Italy in Latin America.

Anna Dora Dorno

Director, actress and theatre pedagogue. She was born in Taranto in 1976 and graduated from DAMS in Bologna. In 2004, she started Instabili Vaganti, an artistic duo of which she is director and performer. Her shows have been hosted by major festivals and received several awards. As a pedagogue, she has taught at the most important theatre academies and faculties in the world including the National School of Drama in India, the Shanghai Theatre Academy in China and the Grotowski Institute in Poland.

Nicola Pianzola

Performer and theatre pedagogue. He was born in Novara in 1977 and graduated from DAMS in Bologna. In 2003, he received the award Le Arti per la Vita. Co-founder and performer of Instabili Vaganti, he is well-known to the public thanks to the award-winning show MADE IN ILVA, nominee for the Total Theatre Award at Edinburgh Festival 2014.


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