Applied Natya Therapy & Culture Monks in association with The Alliance française du Bengale, The Strategy Academy & MasterPeace are delighted to invite you to a free webinar on “Being Happy” which is an interactive session on mental health, facilitated by Dr. Dimple Kaur. She has devised a therapeutic method based on the texts of Natyashastra and from her experience as a theatre practitioner.

This program will be held on Saturday July 25,2020 from 6 pm – 8 pm on Zoom. People from all over the world can participate.

To register please phone or whatsapp +91 8697919308 or email

You can also register through this link :

About Being Happy

Being Happy is a mental well being project aimed at a global audience of all age groups leveraging the online delivery platform and digital communication

We will be making a special attempt to reach out to vulnerable segments of the society.

Mental Well Being Today

It is a well known fact that due to the various stresses of life and greatly aggravated by the implications of COVID- 19 epidemic , mental well being is under severe stress in all segments of the society.

The mortality rates caused by hypertension, increasing suicide rates , depression and also domestic violence indicates that we are in a crisis.

Culture Monks and Dr Dimple Kaur have been working in their individual capacities to address the mental well being of the society through various programs. Now they will be coming together to reach out to more people and deliver effective programs which aims to curb the psychological impacts of this crisis.

Dr. Dimple Kaur is a psycho therapist and a performing artists who has created and new learning system to understand and treat various mental health issues using the Therapy techniques and the learning from Natyashastara ( the oldest text on acting and performance) to address the problems of well being leading the participants toward a path of positivity in times of this crisis.


We are opening up a help line where anyone can connect with the project for support and help. This will be free of cost.

Organizing regular online workshops and sessions for recovery and addressing mental well being issues. This is free of cost.

Organizing training programs to build capacity in individuals to offer mental health counseling.


2 thoughts on “Being Happy : Free Webinar on Mental Well Being based on the text of Natyashastra

  1. Very nice effort,really need of the hour,people after sitting home for long time are deviating from the path of positive attitude of utilizing this time to learn something new to confused state of mind. This helpline can bring clarity to there mind thus they can better organize their day and can help themselves and society.

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