Actor – Chorus – Text (India)

A three day intensive workshop on movement and musicality for the stage. Devised by Anna Helena McLean & led by Anirudh Nair.

To apply please fill this form : http://bit.ly/1WjFKac

Actor Chorus Text (ACT) India

Devised by Anna Helena McLeanLed by Anirudh NairAssisted by Akshay Deokuliar and Prajith Prasad

Dates :Friday 22nd April | Saturday 23rd April | Sunday 24th April

Location: SpACE Studio | 2nd Floor, above Mast Kalandar | Next to Rakhra Sports, Near Sai Baba Temple, Cambridge Road
Bangalore, Karnataka |India

Fee : Rs 4750
Places are limited to only 15 participants so please be quick to book and avoid disappointment.

Offers available for return participants interested in longer term training with the company and a residency in December 2016 at Auroville.


Open to all participants with a keen interest in high energy, physical and music driven ensemble work for stage.

Ages 16 +

The workshop wil be conducted in English but foreign language speakers are welcome.

More information at www.moonfool.com

ACT (ACTOR-CHORUS-TEXT) is an original approach to generating ensemble theatre productions that symbiotically interweave music, movement and poetry in telling stories, while reinventing the given spatial location.

Under the umbrella of Moon Fool, ACT has been conceived and developed by director-practitioner, Anna-Helena McLean. This training includes dynamic, physical and musical exercise that draws on

• elements of GARDZIENICE training
• acrobatic partner exercises and counterbalance techniques
• the art of gesture with the hands, body & chorus
• polyphonic singing of indigenous world music as well as original composition
• dynamic speech work and physically charged text interpretation

The training is applied to an exploration of archetypes in stories from around the world, particularly those from classical texts such as Shakespeare and the Ancient Greeks to generate original ensemble works of theatre.
ACT works together with Moon Fool and international collaborators to generate works that inspire social change and a community that promotes ethical and sustainable living. Ongoing collaboration with the following partners support our work specifically looking at Disability arts, Youth work, Climate Change and Environmental awareness, Politically oppressed communities and Personal Well being.


“The site specific alongside the singing and choreographed movements made Shakespeare very digestible”.

“ACT truly aims for living up to the expectations of creating a heightened reality on stage. No drama or production or a story telling medium should overlook such a process even if it is filtered or edited in later stages of productions to nuanced levels. I would suggest every actor to experience this training, especially in India”

“… it has had a profound affect on me both EMOTIONALLY and PHYSICALLY like never before. A life changing experience… The atmosphere never ever put me in a vulnerable position so it felt like I had been doing this for a long time”.

“This workshop has changed the way I look at things. It has taught me to be more open, more expressive and always be full of energy. I came out a completely different person than the one who initially walked-in”.

“There were some very special moments when everything fell into place. I experienced a kind of fullness whilst acting, using my body, using the space, saying my lines and meaning them, listening to my fellow actor, and listening to the music at the same time.
It’s given me an insight into composition and arrangement that I’d been seeking for a long time, but never quite managed to find.
ACT seamlessly connects the training, text and performance without being abstract. Everything about the workshop was practical, although in hindsight one can be certain of the theoretical backing”.

“The workshop helped me be more in sync with my instincts and just trust it no matter what. The workshop helped me push my limits.
The workshop exceeded my expectations. It actually gave me more than what I was looking for”.

About Anirudh Nair

Anirudh Nair is a theatre practitioner based in New Delhi. He completed his MA in Theatre Practice at the University of Exeter, UK, in 2008, under the guidance of Professor Phillip Zarrilli.
Anirudh has been a core member of Moon Fool since 2009, training and leading workshops in the Actor-Chorus-Text methodology evolved by the Director of the company Anna-Helena McLean. As an actor with the company he has been part of a work in progress performance of Romeo and Juliet which took place in Berlin in 2010 as well as the company’s latest production – STORM (an adaptation of Shakespeare’s The Tempest). STORM premiered in London in 2014 and toured Chicago in 2015. Over the course of his association with the company, he has also co-led multiple workshop residencies in the UK, USA as well as India.
In 2005 he set up WIDE AISLE PRODUCTIONS (WAP) in New Delhi, a company committed to bringing professional rigours to independent theatre practice, with heavy emphasis on actor training. Wide Aisle’s work has been focused on classical texts, Shakespeare in particular. WAP’s most recent productions include The Winter’s Tale (co-directed by Anirudh) as well as Meet Will (a project designed to make Shakespeare accessible to school children through workshops and performances – currently touring schools with their new production of As You Like It).
As an actor he is also a part of the Crystal Shakespeare Ensemble (London), a company focussed on Original Practice Shakespeare. He has been a part of their productions of Pericles (Stockholm, Sweden, 2015) and Henry V (London, UK, 2015).
He is also a performer with the Tadpole Repertory (New Delhi). The repertory’s recent production Still and Still Moving received a nomination for Best Play at the Mahindra Excellence in Theatre Awards (META) 2015. Anirudh also received a nomination for Best Actor in a Lead Role.
More about Anirudh @ wideaisle.com

About Anna Helena McLean
On graduating in Music & Drama from Royal Holloway, Anna-Helena became a principal member of leading experimental physical theatre company Gardzienice in Poland for 7 years. She is the Creative Founder & Artistic Director of Moon Fool, Actor – Chorus – Text (ACT) and ACT Youth she leads international music & theatre exchange work worldwide.She has been a guest director & trainer for BA & MA actors at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland annually since 2004, as well as working in association with the NSD in Delhi, and drama schools and universities throughout the UK, Europe and beyond.
More about Anna @ moonfool.com

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Here is a video on ACT Training:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wl6FBJuwNT8&feature=youtu.be


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