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The last date for entry is August 31, 2018.


We celebrate the beauty and art of storytelling , providing a platform for everyone to explore , improve and showcase their expressive self and share their views and thoughts with an engaged audience.

Une Soirée pleine d’histoires (An Evening of Stories) is an annual event which started in 2016. it has seen participation from many storytellers. The range of stories have been wide and last year we had a segment of stories in French language.

We have expanded the scope and changed the format this year to create a new experience for the audience. We have included children stories and photo stories in the scope of the evening.

We are also delighted to include the folk stories in this evening which allows the audience to experience the delights of traditional stories from Bengal.

General Guidelines:

We are looking at stories with strong content and message which are well articulated and performed.

We encourage the use of props to make the stories more engaging and interesting.

A person can submit a maximum of 2 stories in any categories.

Stories can be in any languages.

What will the participants get

  • all the selected storytellers will be performing at the ‘Evening of Stories ‘ on September 28, 2018 at Alliance francaise du Bengale.

  • all participants will receive a certificate of participation

  • selected participants will get a chance to be mentored by experienced performers and storytellers

  • the evening will be documented and a this will be displayed on line.

  • maximum time per story : 10 minutes

Time line

Last date of Submission : August 31, 2018

Date of Auditions : September 8 & 9, 2018 ( at Culture Monks)

Final List of Selected Storytellers : September 12, 2018

Workshop for the selected participants : September 15 & 16, 2018

Tech Rehearsal at Alliance francaise du Bengale : September 21, 25 & 27 , 2018 from 6 pm.

The categories are as follows :

Children Stories : These are stories which are meant for children of 8 yrs to 15 yrs. The stories must be engaging with a strong content which speaks of our cultural heritage, values or about dealing with familial relationships or problems at school.

Photo Stories : Can cover any theme. Stories have to told in 6 frames.

Bar Counter Stories : We are looking for gossips, imagined stories with a strong content for an adult audience.

Whispers: Intimate stories of relationships, love, crisis, etc, for an intimate audience in a place where one whispers maybe a library or a cafe.

Stories for a cause : These stories focuses on the issues which affect us i the present – be it environment, gender issues, inequalities, poverty, child labour , etc.

Travel Stories : These stories are anecdotes – interesting experiences in course of travel.

Folk Stories : This segment will have folk stories from around Bengal, told in a traditional manner by young practitioners

Looking forward.


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