Hello Fellow Harvester !!

You´re reading this because you care about your city and itś environment.

As Kolkata as a city struggles to keep itself sustainable in terms of maintaining the basic conditions for healthy living & economic activity, it is challenged with the the effects of ¨climate change emergency¨ as well as cultural issues which hinder good citizenship.  Air & Noise pollution, shortage of water, littering, shrinking tree population and wetlands – all have destroyed the ecological balance of this city, making it a very difficult place to live in, which in turn affects the culture & economic growth too.

Various initiatives have been taken by the govt , business and non – govt sector to address this issue. However emerging from an emergency of this magnitude and complexity requires each and every citizen to properly understand the causes and effects of their own daily action in context of the environment and to make necessary changes in their lifestyles. For his constant awareness building and activity is required at grassroots which seeks involvement amongst the common people who are the ones who will actually make a difference.

Harvesting Plastic is an initiative which seeks to involve the citizens and build strong communities who will make a sustained effort to resolve issues in their own localities. This project started off in September with the first cleanup activity being held at Mullickghat. We will be organizing Harvesting Plastic sessions throughout the city frequently.

Wishing everyone a Great Harvest for the sake of our future !!

Sudipta Dawn


One thought on “harvesting plastic @ Calcutta 23

  1. What’ll be done with the collected plastic?
    If nothing is decided, then can we make it into a Commons using https://preciousplastic.com/ techniques? It’ll be awesome & effective since most ‘recycled’ plastic just happens to be sent to recyclers who send it to other recyclers within the capitalist system who end up dumping them since it’s not profitable and to much


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