Celebrating The World Music Day 2021 with stories !!

Katha’Koli Storytelling Performance platform is concerned with the aesthetics of performing a story. It is also a space where we seek liberation through the voicing of our stories which exploring our sometimes complex relationship with our roots and emerging identities.

As part of the platform we are now starting monthly sessions would allow storytellers connected with the Katha’koli platform to meet and perform their stories.

We shall approach each session through some specific themes. Katha’koli storytellers are welcome to invite their friends and acquaintances to the sessions.

The first session is scheduled on Sunday, July 4 , 2021 from 6 pm – 7:30 (India time).

This one is dedicated to the Music and the role it has played in the individual, social & political lives. 


While you live, shine
have no grief at all
life exists only for a short while
and Time demands his due.

– The Seikilos epitaph 

We don’t know when the wind became music.

An old flute which rested in earth’s womb for centuries perhaps belonged to Echo , Dik, Amun, Fujin ….

And ever since eternity, music has always been a part of us – wrapping around us like lullabies, bouncing us as teenagers, provoking those youthful rebellions, becoming a courting song, the memory of many celebrations, edging soldiers to wars, lamenting , providing companionship and solace for those endless hard days and long nights.

Then once again when the day breaks, there will be music.

We have all had this dynamic relationship with music. 

The forms, contents, mediums, the pitches, voices, tonalities, volumes, etc impacts the the personal, social and political.

In this session we propose to perform stories which explores such relationships.

The story can be of 10 mins duration. 



Sahakārīkathāmālā is like performers and non-performers playing together, jointly (sahakari) stringing story-beads (katha) on a thread (mala), bringing together their experiences, feelings, and emotions of life-including-work, in a community-bound narrative.


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