Rags of Memory international workshop conducted by Instabili Vaganti from Italy.

Rags, pieces of mind, of flesh, of thoughts, of memories.

Elements of a fragmented world

struggling in vain to find a unity

Rags of memory is an international performing arts project exploring the new possibilities of the performer and the theatrical communication, through the interaction with other disciplines such as: cultural anthropology, visual arts, new media.

The project was born in 2006, thought to be developed by fragments and with the aim of generating fragments, rags, pieces in response to a fragmented and fast-changing society where the time and space for reflection and artistic creation is threatened.

This workshop is open to performing artists from all over the world.

Research, investigation and rigorous training are central to Instabili Vaganti’s practice –

Paul Allain – Rags of Memory ed. Cue Press

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The International Theatre Workshop

Main Features

Dates : April 25, May 2, 9, 16, 23 , 2021

Time : 6 PM – 8 PM (India Time)

Access to Videos and Reading materials apart from live sessions.

To join or learn more please fill this form or email sudipta@culturemonks.in or whatsapp/call +918697919308

The Project

Rags of memory is an international performing arts project exploring the new possibilities of the performer and the theatrical communication, through the interaction with other disciplines such as: cultural anthropology, visual arts, new media, ritual dances and songs belonging to different holy and profane cultural traditions. The main theme is “the memory”. Memory as an integral part of the human being, biological and anthropological condition of their existence and their artistic creation. The project combines the cultural tradition and innovation. The task is to build new ways of theatrical and intercultural communication. A new rituality based on the creation of physical, rhythmical and vocal scores able to transmit the essence and the pureness of the song, the language and the action itself. Actions full of symbolic and ancestral meanings, expressed through contemporary arts means. Rags of memory involves performers, artists and musicians coming from different parts of the world through its international work sessions.

The International Work Sessions

The work sessions are high educational programs addressed to professional performers and artists directed by Instabili Vaganti – Experimental Theatre Company.

The sessions are focused upon:· 

The specific training developed for the project· The exploration and experimentation of the themes of the project and the session·      

The exchange, the sharing, the reworking and the actualization of traditional performing arts techniques.     

The creation of actions, physical – vocal scores, artistic materials.

Work Demands

During the lessons participants will be kindly requested to prepare in video or audio:

A song and a vocal action and/or a musical proposal inspired by its tradition of belonging.

One or more texts learnt by heart (a fragment of a few lines, a poem, or a text, inherent to the themes of the session and the project. The text can be of any author and in any language.

A fragment of action inspired by a ritual – traditional performing art form or discipline (dance / theatre / martial arts / etc.) The physical score could contain other elements (texts, songs, sounds, music, objects, etc.)

About the Professors

Anna Dora Dorno

Anna Dora Dorno

Director, actress, theatre pedagogue and founder of Instabili Vaganti. She has taught in the most important academies and theatre faculty in the world including the National School of Drama in India, the Shanghai Theatre Academy in China, the Grotowski Institute in Poland.

Nicola Pianzola

Nicola Pianzola

Performer and theatre pedagogue, winner of the Award Le Arti per la Vita. He is interpreter in the award-winning show MADE IN ILVA, mentioned at Total Theatre Award at the Edinburgh Festival. He has taught in many Universities, including the Universidad de Chile, the University of Kent in England, The UNAM in Mexico.

About Instabili Vaganti

Instabili Vaganti are characterized by the research and experimentation in physical theatre and performing arts. Their productions and projects have been presented in more than twenty countries, collecting numerous national and international awards. The company has represented the Italian theatre in worldwide important initiatives including the Olympics of Theatre in India and the year of Italy in Latin America.


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