Live from 6 pm onwards on Feb 27, 2021

The live links are


Also live on Instagram @culturemonks

We look back at the days which have passed by since the world was confronted with the deadly virus which along with the existing crisis caused by climate change and the growth of social conservatism and nationalism coupled with the constant erosion of democratic rights – all of these pose a severe problem for the planet and society.

On Feb 27, 2021, we as a group of artists engaged in different art practices co – investigate and articulate our positions on these crises through different forms of creative expression.

Lazzaro Art Heals is a collection of art works made during the lockdown imposed due to COVID- 19 pandemic. These art works would be projected simultaneously on Feb 27, 2021 in several cities around the world and the images would be forging a dialogue with spaces – public and private. The project seeks to foreground the function of art to heal a society and planet which finds itself on precarious grounds. These art works would be projected and counteracting with the art works would be two live concerts and a live performance.

The live performance ‘ The Plea Project: Inventory of a loss’ which is a relay reading curated and directed with soundscape by Mukherjee.P to accompany Lazzaro Project Art Heals. Inspired from texts of Paul Celan, Adonis, Jacques Prevert, Grace Nichols, Adrien Henry, William Carlos Williams, Derek Walcott , Kunwar Narain and Ko Un.

The two sound art concerts – conducted by Budhaditya Chattopadhyay along with artist from Kolkata & Germany explores listening as a way to transcend the immediate to transform perspective about our lived spaces. Listening entailing the silence and the presence of sound. The concerts addresses issues of climate change, rise of social conservatism, protectionism & nationalism.

The event will be held at Alliance française du Bengale , Park Street, Kolkata on Feb 27, 2021 from 6 pm onwards. The event will be broadcast live on social media. The entry is limited to invited guests only due to safety protocols necessitated by COVID -19.

Please connect with +91 8697919308 if you wish to join in and we will share details with you.

Details as follows :

Lazzaro Art Heals

Art Heals

A video projection exhibition, Art Heals, will showcase a series of artworks produced by selected international visual artists during their Covid-19 lockdown isolation.

Listening is a New Relegion

Listening is a New Religion

The works to be performed in this series of concerts, aim to encourage embracing an attentive, inclusive and contemplative listening practice as a course of action to address the contemporary crises of the world, from a climate breakdown to rising social conservatism. The idea revolves around listening as a creative act to engage more compassionately…


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